Life Update & November Book Club Picks

Life Update

Hello my love doves! I have been gone for a few months and I apologise. I haven’t posted and I haven’t been keeping up with any of your own content. This is mainly to do with the fact that I became a Waterstones Bookseller a few months ago!

This has been my ideal job since moving from America to England. I get to be surrounded by books and connect with people who share my passion! While this does help open doors and grant me access to more proofs/books, I have been mainly busy transitioning into this new chapter of life “post”-pandemic. I have been struggling to find a balance between work and my bookish socials.

I am hoping to try out a few scheduling ideas to fit in my blog and bookstagram posts because I do miss it and everyone within those communities! Speaking and connecting with you all is what got me through these chaotic times and I am so grateful to the ones who kept touch during my transition. I am going to be catching up on everyones blogs during November now that I had time to settle into my new job. I will prioritise those who comment on this post as a thank you for checking in on me!

I am going to skip my wrap-ups for the past few months and just start fresh at the end of this month. I then hope to share reviews and recommendations again.

November Book Club Picks

Something I did manage to stay on top of are my book clubs. If you aren’t aware, I host Wilted Rose Book Club and Audrey Hope Book Club. The first focuses on gothic and dark academia type reads while the other is focused on the books seen being read by Gossip Girl’s Audrey Hope.

Feel free to join if either interests you! We discuss through discord which you can join via the links in the respective instagram bios.

Thank you for your time and finding me again. Sending my love!

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