February Wrap-Up

It is that time of the month. Considering this was my birthday month and a very short month in general, I didn’t do too bad. Let’s just jump into it!

Book Clubs & Buddy Reads



I participated in two readathons this month. I hit bingo for both readathons! Finally a success.


  • Total books read: 7
  • Total pages read: 2.5k+
  • Average rating: 4.29

I did injure my back the second half of March which really affected my ability to focus on books. I hope it subsides early March. I am in the middle of a few other arcs, so they will hopefully be completed early next week! I had a good reading month overall. I just really wish I was able to read more romance for the readathons, but I still completed them so I won’t worry to much about it.

What was your favorite read this month?

Thank you for reading ♥

we are all stardust and stories…

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