January Wrap-Up

It is time for my first wrap-up of the year! I didn’t start off as strong as I had hoped, but I am satisfied with my reading month considering my busy schedule. Let’s just dive in!

Book Clubs & Buddy Reads



I participated in two readathons this month. Unfortunately, I failed.. But I had lots of fun! The readathons were:


  • Total books read: 6
  • Total pages read: 1.75k+
  • Average rating: 3.33

Like I stated before, I am happy with my reading month. Do I wish I read more? Yes. But this year, we are taking it slow and not worrying too much about the numbers. Tell me how many books you read last month or what your favorite book was! My favorite was The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Well, today is my birthday! So I am off to go celebrate..

Thank you for reading ♥

we are all stardust and stories…

8 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up

  1. OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELINA!!! i loved reading your post so so much, and i can’t wait to read your thoughts on these violent delights because i absolutely adored it!! skdjhsdkfj celina i LOVE all your content, and this wrap-up definitely wasn’t an exception!! i hope february treats you well 💖💖

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